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LIFE Green-Stove is the pellet stove of the future:
a more efficient, less polluting and increasingly smarter product.

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The LIFE GREEN-STOVE - LIFE20 ENV/IT/000190 project has received funding from the LIFE programme of the European Union.

The project's goals

Europe has an ambitious goal: “to be the first continent to achieve zero climate impact”, drastically reducing net emissions of greenhouse-effect gasses by 2050.
Biomasses are a very effective tool to this aim: they can contribute to decarbonise the EU by replacing the fossil fuels used for residential heating purposes.
To achieve this goal, more efficient biomass products must be developed, capable of drastically reducing NOx, CO, OGC and PM emissions, to the extent of making pellet stove emissions comparable to those of gas boilers. The purpose is to create an innovative product that is technologically in line with Sustainable Development Goals.

The project in numbers

Current pellet stove standards require 87% efficiency: we want to positively affect emissions by achieving 92% efficiency with our LIFE Green-Stove.

  • 1/4
    -60% CO emissions
  • 2/4
    -60% NOx emissions
  • 3/4
    -75% PM emissions
  • 4/4
    -75% OGC emissions

    The solution

    A new combustion process and Palazzetti’s most innovative control technologies: the LIFE Green-Stove project aims at the best efficiency paired with the least impact on the environment.

    In building this pellet stove, we don’t just want to reduce NOx, CO, OGC and PM emissions; we also want to take steps towards making a flueless biomass product.

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